This was a post about Nashville, now it is about friendship.


I visited my longest time best pal of 21 years! The first time I rode my bike down to Kara’s house we played  Catch the Grasshopper in her room…and ‘Did we just become best friends?” actually happened.

We spent our Elementary days together out in the Georgia sun. We created hiking paths in the woods and roller bladed through the neighborhood. We spent each summer pretending to me Mermaids at the pool. We’d stay in till our skin shriveled up from being in the water to long and then started peeling from the wicked sun. And then we’d stay longer to catch frogs that joined us for night time swims and watch the bats come swooping in.

In our minds we were talk show host, college roommates, dance choreographers, and animal rescuers. Our favorite game, which I still think is genius was called The Clue Game. Where one of us would hide a serious of clues that would lead to the next clue that would ultimately lead to the prize….which was usually a Beanie Baby.

Our imaginations were so good that sometimes we were trapped in the basement of an orphanage trying to sneak food and escape the terrible lady who ran it. Sometimes we would find ourselves stuck in the woods, trying to survive on our own. We would collect berries and make tables out of mud. We’d cross our hand made bridge over the creek and wind up safe in our own backyards.

We’d be detectives solving all sorts of mysteries. We’d go places we weren’t aloud just to solve some crimes. We’d enter abandoned barns and  green houses, hoping to find some magic.  Looking back, I think the magic was always just inside of us.

In a testament to the people we have become; our favorite thing to do was vote on what to do. We’d each make a list of activities that we might want to play and then we would switch list and scratch off the ones we didn’t feel like doing. We would keep going in till we decided on a final activity together. and sometimes if we couldn’t decide we just listed them in the order we could do them in. It’s no surprise that either of us, are still list makers. I’d like to think that our imaginations have stayed in tact as well.

I moved away my freshman year of high school, and since then she has relocated more times than I can remember, but no matter where we are, we always pick up right where we left off. For that I am so thankful and feel very lucky to say that we’ve remained pals this long.

I know this was suppose to be about my visit, but after I started typing I find it suiting to add the couple of pictures I dug up of us from way back when….

I’m sure I could have found more embarrassing and older ones, but these were handy. Ok… now check out this stuff we liked in Nashville, were Kara now lives.

DSCN1710DSCN1679DSCN1692DSCN1687DSCN1701 (2)DSCN1704FullSizeRender2DSCN1674

Celebrate your friendships. We do, every time we are together.


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