Who thought of this?

There is nothing I love more than bumming around in my sweats. So whoever decided that wearing a big hoodie as a dress was a great idea deserves an award. Its one of my absolute favorite looks. It’s easy to wear, just put on some tennys, or some heals or some knee high boots and any way you do it, you will be cute and comfy.


I got this blue color,  Silence + Noise here at Urban Outfitters . It’s already on sale and they have a new round of colors out.  I wore this with my Adidas shell toes when I was lounging around the air port but today I dressed it up some with my favorite Steve Madden boots, which I promise I won’t post about anymore.


 Its been unbelievably warm here in Kentucky for January. Is it where you live too?  I hope your taking advantage of it and exploring outside everyday. I was stuck inside for a few days because I threw out my back. I’m happy to be traveling and moving around, feeing pretty good now. I took a quick trip to Nashville last weekend and saw some awesome street murals. Keep checking, I’ll post about them soon, as well as my Iceland diaries.

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