Grand Canyon Excursion

We stayed in Sedona for a good portion of our trip and took Pink Jeep Tours to the Grand Canyon for the day. I always like tours. I think it is a great way to see a lot with little hassle. The Great thing about this tour is that

  • they pick you up and drop you off right at your hotel lobby
  • it comes with lunch and plenty of water
  • we didn’t have to worry about navigating through areas the GPS can’t find
  • we had the luxury of always being able to look out the window, amazing views 100% of the way
  • we stopped at interesting and neat places we may have missed on our own, like the Navaho Nation market store, where I ended up spending $100 dollars on Jewelry and a dream catcher.
  • we came in the East Gate of the Grand Canyon which is missed by 80% of visitors and still got to see The Village and main attraction parts.
  • We had a great local driver that was full of knowledge and random facts. We learned Teddy Roosevelt preserved about 230 million acres of land. We learned about how the Navaho was striped of their land and wasn’t given it back in till 2016. We learned that the mule ride is the longest running way to get in and out of the canyon. And because we asked we learned there was a book that recorded all the deaths that occurred at the Grand Canyon.


Our driver said he saw a man jokingly run to the edge. He tripped over his own feet and landed at the bottom. And that was that. One sick joke.

We wanted to hear about all the suicide committed and accidents that happened. We would only stand 5 feet from the edge. Looking down turned my insides out. I squirmed anytime I thought someone got to close. The massive drop scaring me and intriguing me all at the same time.

The driver told us, once a man asked a couple to take his picture on the canyon side. Then he jumped off when the camera snapped. There was a group of boy scouts near by. And that was that. The Grand Canyon, how beautiful. How beautifully tragic sometimes.


But all in all, it sure was something to see. You look around and don’t believe it’s real. We had arrived on such a gorgeous day I thought I had stepped into a vintage post card. This was just a back drop I was standing in front off, not a cliff I was stood on top of. Then the breeze would blow my hair off my neck and that was enough. I’d snap back into my current position and back away from the ledge a little further. That drop is very real.  You will be filled to the brim with awe and tingling with sensations indescribable. Isn’t it amazing that such beautiful things can be created on our Earth.

Share your favorite part of the Grand Canyon with me below, or if you have any tips on visiting Bryce or Antelope Canyon those are on my to do list next time I’m back out west!! Zion pictures coming soon.

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