Best Pals and a Potter Party

Recently, I took a mini trip down to Florida. I went spontaneously because sometimes you just need to be with your best pals. Here is one silly picture of my airport outfit. It is important because Love and Ice Cream are important. I am only a fan of graphic tees if they represent something to you. Love and ice cream mean things to me.  I have another favortie grahic tee that says Cardio and Coffee, other things that are super inportant.


Anyway… I flew into Fort Lauderdale after a 2 hour delay and a group of girls getting escorted off the plane by local security. (Yes, we had to sit on the  terminal in till local security arrived to remove the probalmatic passengers from the back of the plane.)  Never the less, I arrived around 11 pm.  Luckily we made it to Miami in time for me to munch on some local Cuban food. I go to Miami just for the  marequettas!!!  I could eat them everyday, all day. Maybe someone can find me a graphic tee that just says MAREQUETTAS!!

We drove up to Del Ray early the next morning where my other best pal lives. On the ride up I was inquiring about the night plans and was told it was a secert in till we arrived. (As a back story, I was suppose to fly into Orlando early in the year for A Wizarding World of Harry Potter adventure, but was snowed in.)  I kind of, Geek out over HP.

Walking to Blair’s front door we can hear the Harry Potter sound track playing.  The front door opens up to the pool yard, which has a white screen set up on the fence line ready to play a movie on. There is a fake brick wall plastered over the screen door that leads inside with a sign the reads “Platform 9 3/4.”  In the Kitchen, the TV is playing The Chamber of Secerts movie. Each seat at the diner table has a face cut out attached to a stick of all the charaters from the series. There is Harry, Hermoine, Ron, Voldermort and even Snape.  A broom stick is sitting by door. They even decorate the bathroom.

IMG_3835 (1)

(The Chamber of Secerts has been opened..Mudbloods BEWARE!)

 This is how you know you have the best friends in the world. I find out they are throwing me a belated birthday party that night, which includes Harry Potter out by the pool with the donut float and simores!!!  Christina has bought the three of us  matching outfit; navy blue sleepers, gray socks and Harry Potter glasses. I also got a birthday cake shape hat which we called the Sorting Hat.  It’s the best when your friends know that even when your in Florida a night in with your best pals beats a night out on the town.

We spent the day at the beach,  stopped into a few local spots for a beverage in the after noon and enjoyed the night by the pool.

Whenever I need a pick me up I just get myself down to Florida, so I can be around Christina and Blair. They have the best zest for life and always know how to make me laugh. Most of the time, we just make fun and pick on each other, but its always just what I need.  Nothing like your most truthful friend telling you, you proabbly need the engergizing face mask, or to remind you that all your social life consist of lately,  is sitting at home in the dark by yourself.  I know they are just muggles, but I would never use my magic wand to spell up better friends. I already have the best.

Also, I loved my bunch out in Del Ray dress! I had a thing for bell sleeves this trip.


|  Love & Ice Cream Tee  |  C&V by Chelsea and Viotlet Knit bell sleeve top  | Pink Owl sheath bell sleeve dress  |  Patrisha Nash navy cross body  |