Buffalo Plaid Obsessed


I own enough buffalo plaid to dress my entire block probably. I have this jacket, sweaters, shirts, hoodies, duck feet, pajamas and even underwear. I think what draws me to it, is its classic, basic American and cozy appeal.

Before I knew it had an actual name, I called it “lumber jack plaid.” In my research  I found Woolrich was the first company to produce this print. It could be just a fable, but the Woolrich designer of this particular print apparently owned a herd of buffalo he was renowned for, thus the name buffalo plaid.


Woolrich dates the plaid back to the 1850’s. Even at its beginning, this simple and bold pattern was a hit. Today, almost 120 years later, they still produce the original shirt it was sold in and many other forms. I’m wearing their fleece zip up.

Here’s a warning- you’ll spot me in buffalo plaid many more times during this winter, and every winter that follows.



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|  Buffalo plaid from Woolrich  (my jacket is old but all these pieces are quality!!  |

Steve Madden Emotion over the knee boots  |

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