Well, hey!

I love animals and a good wall mural. There’s no better way to introduce myself besides outside one of my favorite places in this wonderful city, Louisville, Kentucky.  This is how I rock an off the shoulder t-shirt dress. I take myself to Hilltop Tavern for some cheese balls and a tasty cold beverage. I hang out with the ninja mantis and the book bag turtle, because what’s not to love?

The best thing about a t-shirt dress, off the shoulder or not, is that you  can literally chuck whatever you want on with it and feel put together. I’ve paired mine with an eclectic set of accessories, all pieces that I liked individually.  Mostly excited about the choker having a comeback. I think some trends could have stayed in the 90s, but I’m holding onto this choker, it’s my signature piece for a while.

Dress- Asos. Asos.com  Shoes- Karl Lagerfeld  Fringe purse- Lucky  Brand Shades- Jessica Simpson  Hat- found in bargain bin at Dillard’s  Necklace- made it myself 🙂  Feather bracelet and ring- Lucky Brand   Photographer- Erin Springfield


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