Destroyed Denim and Urban Exploring

This rainy day has got me like “ho humm.” I’m doing the tribal sun dance,  itching to get outside. My work schedule is a little peculiar.  My days off are always random and usually, not clumped together.  You can’t really go to far in one day. Luckily, Louisville is a lovely city to explore.

It is an amazing town filled with art, music, wonderful food and so many hidden treasures. I spent my last off day, doing a little urban exploring. The air was crisp and the sun was shinning, the best kind of day.

Isn’t it neat to feel like you found a secret spot, or a hidden wall.  We felt a little dangerous in this run down building, climbing things that might break, and walking down Stone stairways in shoes not equipped for adventure. Sometimes, it feels like you have found a place no one in modern day has seen. Suddenly, we become archeologist in ancient ruins, or a drifter in deadlands. It feels secret, special and safe. This spot is just for you and me because we found it!

Then you stumble upon the mark of people right before you. Someone had plastered colorful chalk all over the grounds here, they left it for us to find. It may have reminded us, we are just down the street, some place we shouldn’t be, but it was a beautiful discovery.  This is just a reminder that, there is always something special hidden around the corner. You just have to go looking for it.

I wore a linen open button Henley, with exposed bralet. I enjoy all the openness, it’s casual, airy and easy to wear. I think I’m taking ques from Harry Styles and his exposed chest.  I hate having to much fuss around my collar.  I paired it with my favorite super destroyed jeans, and this tooled leather Patrica Nash handbag, because there is nothing I love more!

Lauren by Ralph Lauren linen top  |  Wacoal day bra, Dillard’s   |  H&M high waisted destroyed denim  |  Karl Lagerfeld Heel, Dillard’s  | Feather jewelry, Lucky Brand  |  Dante cross body, Patrcia Nash  | Blue mirror shades, Ray-ban  |  Photographer, Erin Springfield  |


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