Over Sized for Sun Shine


When the sun is out with its super shiny guns out there’s no place I’d rather be, than beside a pool… in a swim suit. Or a lake, or an ocean. The point is: I need lots of water and minimal attire.

In the summer time, less is always more, so I ditch the jewelry and the shoes when its possible. I’m not about to have anything on me that is added weight or can make me sweat.   I do a hat or shades, never both, in less it is absolutely necessary.  I just think that’s too much stuff to have around  your face.   Just some strict summer time guide lines. There is nothing more annoying then getting ready when the sun is way to hot and you have to look respectable. When you need to be out and about on a such a sunny day, I always opt for the oversized t-shirt dress.  Here’s one of my most favorites, a white maxi WITH POCKETS!

I spent the morning walking down to the local bakery.  I’m so happy that so many neat things are opening up in Shelby Park. Scarlet’s Bakery is just down my own street. Not only do they have awesome iced lattes, and great décor aesthetics, sometimes they serve macaroons! They have restored a building from the original neighborhood that is over 100 years old. The shop is actually a non-profit and all the employees are ladies who needed a new start, with restored faith in life. You can learn about Scarlet’s Hope here!  It’s quite a charming little story that I actually learned  from a friendly gentleman while sipping my coffee outside the shop!


image8 [16830]

image4 [16826].jpeg

While my friend and I were chatting with the gentleman, another young man approached from across the street. He stopped before he went inside, looked at us and then at his phone and said, “I haven’t caught any yet today, its terrible!.”

Not having a clue what he meant, my friend fired back, “You can get a ball inside today!” At this, I knew he was talking about Pokémon because I saw the poke ball cookies in the store. So we had a laugh about that, and I still refuse to play. But that young man, did purchase the Poke cookie and told us we could catch some Diglets right across the rail road tracks.

image14 [16836]

Before I sign off, one other amazing things about the Scarlet’s Bakery and about the Shelby Park, Smoke Town up rising is the amount of mural artist around town. My new favorite thing is just to walk the street and look for new art! Gibbs Rounsavall  did the side of Scarlet’s and I’m obsessed. I had first saw his pieces when he put up a show at Revelry Gallery. Having vibrant, fun and powerful  art in my own neighborhood is such a delight!




White maxi  |  Patch work cross body and feather bag  |  Floppy hat


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