If I am going to became a steady blogger  I guess I should start typing things out. I  want to blog about style but I don’t really know why I’ve decided myself qualified. I just wear what I like; destroyed denim, t-shirts so worn out they are see through, oversized sweaters, mirrored shades, no shoes, messy hair, boho inspired,nothing overly fashionable.

If I’m being honest right now, I’ve got boy short underwear on with a worn out teal muscle tee. I’ve been in this since 4 pm when I got home from a morning out and haven’t done much since.  I finished Gillian Flynn’s Dark Places and ate too much trail mix. I rushed through it because I’ve just picked up my copy of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. I’m stoked to start it now and will probably read in till my eyes go cross and its 2 hours before I have to get up.

I wonder if all good adventure and style bloggers have days like this. I have them a lot.  I like a lot of alone time. I’m perfectly content to be at home reading in my underwear or binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix. It’s not to say I don’t seek adventure or wanna post some cool pictures because I do. I’ve just been thinking about ways to improve this thing and I’ve numbed it down to two steps;  Step one: Carry my camera more. I do lots of fun things and just forget to take pictures…because I’m having fun. For instance, I went to see Michael Franti and I have so much I want to say about him and the concert. But I took one shit video with my IPhone and I wore a badass outfit I wish I woulda snapped. (Ill tell you about him later.) Step two: make it a regular thing to update!

So this is my vow to myself. I wanna be a blogger so I am going to blog.

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Silk flower bomber  |  Frayed gray shorts  |  John Lennon sunnies




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