That 9 to 5 style.


Do a lot of other people feel like finding a professional style is a little bit tricky?  It took me a bit of time to discover a work wardrobe that felt like it was completely my own. I’ve been working at it for years. When you get into a professional life  I think most people’s first instinct is a black power dress, dress slacks, a blazer, a pencil skirt and some button down shirts.  And I will have you know, there was a period in my life where I did that sort of conforming.  Its a hard transition from college tees and holey jeans.

I just don’t want to feel so stuffy all the time, and while I do love a tailored and polished look the inner hippie inside of me is always dying to come out. When I’m shopping I am  just drawn to things with a boho vibe. I like fringe, and long maxis, oversized sweaters, metals mixed with turquoise, heads scarfs and cut off denim.

So when I get dressed for work I want my outfit to say, “I’m a badass lady boss who means business,” but I also want to show off other bits of my true personality.  I  will be show casing a couple of my 9 to 5 outfits, even though sometimes that are technically 12 to 9s for me.


Today I have paired a simple black high collared t-shirt dress with a  flowy paisley printed kimono from Chelsea and Violet. I layered it with a statement  necklace and an assort of rings that I normally wear. What I call my Dr. Who Ray-Bans and BCBG wedges.

I’d like to give a shout out to my favorite ginger snapper *because she’s got red locks and SNAPs pictures for me, see what I did there, ginger snap*  because she tells good jokes. Above is me before the joke, and below is me after the joke! I’d repeat it, but its really not funny, its just her face. ooooooo.

Just kidding, she’s beautiful.


Entire outfit can be found at Dillard’s   |

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