When you love it.


Isn’t it great when you put on an outfit and you feel just like the purest version of yourself. I love this outfit because its got a lot of elements that speak to me. High waisted destroyed denim, I love. Boho inspired crochet, I love. Extra long bell sleeves AND off the shoulder, I love! Mirror sunnies, I love. $1.99 beach store anklet that’s suppose to make me rich when it falls off, I love!

I don’t so much like the word fashion, I prefer the word style. To me dressing fashionable is more like following a trend, or wearing something because it is cool or is “in fashion.”  I much rather prefer the word style, because its personal. You don’t have to have the latest and greatest or wear whatever everyone else is at the time to be stylish.

I do love a lot of the trends right now.  I’m totally into body suits, chokers, and the color blush. I don’t care for chunky square heels or wearing your jacket with one button and half way off. Its a jacket, I think it keeps you warm or you take it off. But if that’s your style and you rock it and you own it then I love it for you! So, I will wear trends if they suit me.  I’m not really a bargain shopper. If I really love something, I’m going to buy it even if all my friends tell me its too much.


But- I also wear 1.99 anklets from beach store counters because I love them. I think they’re something nostalgic for me. When I was younger each year I’d get one with one claw shell,  I wanted to be a beach surfer girl so bad. Florida natives probably think it’s so tacky but, a girl from Kentucky has dreams!! Then I started getting one with 4 beads in the same color, each color meaning something different. I got emerald green for a while, I think that means happiness. Then after a couple of years without one, I upgraded to a rainbow and brown woven one at Hang Out Fest with my best friends. I think I was 27 at the time. Friendship anklets are the real deal and they keep you young. This year I thought about old times and picked one up.  I got black beaded because I liked it most, but it means wealth. Hopefully I get rich soon, lol.

My point is to find things that you love and your bound to look good and stylish when your showing off your own personality.  Plus, isn’t this wall great. You can find it on Logan street, right where Germantown turns into Smoketown.


Chelsea and Violet Crochet Top  |  ASOS Destroyed Jeans  |  Ray Ban Mirror Frames  |  Raffia Anklets/ bracelet   (dirt cheap, If I ever need 100 of them!)  |


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